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Enter ChordsKeys On Your Midi Device
NavigateArrow Keys / Home / End
Save SongCtrl-S
Open SongCtrl-O
Save Song As .mid FileCtrl-E
Open .mid FileCtrl-I
Select Next NoteShift
Add Pause Pause Break (Works Same As Adding Note From Midi Device)
Change Note In Chord (If Not Selected - Change Whole Chord)
Increase Note Length Twice [ (Opening Square Bracket) or + (Num Pad Plus)
Decrease Note Length Twice ] (Closing Square Bracket) or - (Num Pad Minus)
Put Dot / Undo Triplet . (Generic Dot) or * (Num Pad Asterisk)
Remove Dot / Make Triplet , (Generic Comma) or / (Num Pad Slash)
Delete NoteDelete / Backspace
Change Note Channel (Use Preset Table To Assign Other Instruments Than Piano To Channel Numbers) Numbers 0..9 On Numpad
Append New Note To Chord Key On Midi Device (Works When Any Note In Chord Is Selected)

Note: may be outdated. For most recent key mapping see Handler.ts::focusedHandlers